Libra in Love and Relationships | Biggest Weaknesses (2023)


The 5 Weaknesses of A Libra Man in Love

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5, Libra, Man, Weaknesses, In, Love, Today, let's, talk about the Libra man and his weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

A, Libra, man’s weakness in love includes being a perfectionist, which leads him to be indecisiveness.

And he keeps to commitments longer than usual.

He prefers.

The nicer things or people who are aesthetically pleasing, making him a narcissist.

He is short-tempered and vindictive, because he tries to avoid confrontations and seeks revenge.


This list is just the beginning.


We get into the details of all the Libra man's weaknesses.


First, look at what it's like dating, him.

Dating, a Libra Man.


Men are charming and romantic.

He has the ability to make everyone fall in love with him.

Therefore, he can shatter a lot of hearts unintentionally., He believes in soulmates and is looking for his one true love.

But he isn’t in a hurry to settle down, however, because he doesn't want to make a mistake.

Libra is one of the zodiac's most flirtatious signs, which makes him known to be polite to everyone.

And because he treats everyone the same.

And, because of this, it can be difficult to know whether a Libra man is interested in a committed relationship with you or not.

Libra men are also quite superficial, because they are concerned not only about a person's morals as well as their appearances.


Libra man will not commit to someone unless you are both mentally and physically attractive to him, because he simply likes to be surrounded by lovely, things.

Libra, men, aren't, usually straightforward with their emotions.

And they don't like to bring up anything that bothers them, despite the fact that they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

You'll need to keep in touch with him and urge him to talk to you because otherwise, he'll start to resent you for things.

He never even told you about., Although, a Libra guy, dislikes conflict.

It is important to have some conflict in order for a relationship to last.

With that said, you'll have to make the first move to get him to open up, because he will rarely bring up what's bothering him., Libra.

Men, despise all forms of criticism about when they are wrong.

They can't tolerate it.

He is a perfectionist, which explains why making decisions take so long for him.

He doesn't want to make the wrong decision and then have regrets afterward.


A Libra man makes a mistake.

He suffers internally, and he will not speak out since he does not want to create any tension or drama.

But on the inside, however, he will be unhappy.


Most important thing to remember about Libra men is that their hearts are big, and they are constantly attempting to do the right.


He always gives people the benefit of the doubt because he feels that people can change.

However, his kindness, frequently backfires on him, because he is too trusting and willing to forgive, even those who have not earned his forgiveness.


He is alone.

He is pessimistic despite his outwardly upbeat demeanor.

And his positivity is for the benefit of others.



Talk about a Libra man's, weaknesses!, But, first., Are.

You enjoying the info so far?, Make sure to SMASH, the LIKE button! 5, Weaknesses of Libra Man in Love.


He is indecisive.


Men tend to make rash decisions and take longer to reach a decision because they want to consider all aspects of a situation.


If he makes a decision, he will frequently switch back and forth between several options before he chooses.

Libra men are easily swayed, and it's tough to predict whether or not they'll, keep their commitments.

While being indecisive and scattered in his attention allows him to investigate his own possibilities.

It can consume a lot of his time and mental energy.


It is known that clarity is essential for establishing, a clear, course, achieving your objectives, and living a more harmonious.


He can be so harsh with everyone and his choices.

And when it comes time for him to make his own choices, he will never be content, regardless of the outcome.


He is a perfectionist.

Another weakness of a Libra man is his drive to fit everything into a perfect mental representation, which is trying to control everything, overthinking, and stereotyping everything to suit a pattern may worsen the problems by preventing things from flowing as they should.

This need for perfection may be suffocating, turning reality into a never-ending conflict.


Men are highly sensitive and do not react.

Well to unpleasant words or confrontation, despite their outward appearance.


He thinks that if he does everything perfectly, no one will be able to criticize him or what he has accomplished.


A Libra man, perfectionism is a method to escape being judged and criticized.

And he will do a lot of things to avoid an argument.

And one of them is to concentrate on being perfect.


He is narcissistic.

Narcissistic tendencies are another weak aspect of a Libra man's nature as he tends to stress about his self-image since he is a perfectionist and a people-pleaser.

Narcissism may appear to have an extravagant sense of self on the surface.

But it is mostly motivated by fear and insecurity.

With that said.

He will enjoy talking about himself and will exaggerate if he notices that you are not yet, completely impressed.

Your, Libra.

Man, in love is egotistical and just wants to be worshipped and have his beauty reflected back to him as he is also likely to leave a trail of shattered hearts in his path and be labeled as fake.

He is attracted to beautiful things and people, and will use his charm to obtain them.

And that is because he appreciates being the center of attention and expects to be treated.



He is short-tempered.


Men are prone to losing their temper quickly and completely.

He is known for expressing rage in order to have things done his way.

And while being upset isn't, always a terrible thing, suppressing, it can be unhealthy.

Regardless of how adept he is at maintaining a neutral posture and keeping his fury at bay.

He will occasionally get into arguments and become incredibly agitated.

He may be cranky and unresponsive at times in your relationship, but he will never express his anger at you, and it could either be because he is afraid of you or perhaps it's simply not his thing.


He wants to keep the balance of your relationship.

He may try his hardest to avoid outbursts of aggression.


This isn't necessarily a good thing, and it could lead to him carrying bitterness toward you despite his love for you.


He is vindictive.


Men are also prone to carrying grudges and resentment, which can cause them to act vindictively, because he is known for being a people-pleaser and pushover.

And he often lets himself be used as a punching bag.

He fails to communicate.

His honest response to offensive behavior when someone does him wrong.

And as a result, he conceals his hatred and tries subtle tactics to seek revenge on those who have offended him.


He often finds it difficult to put his trust in others.

And he is usually caught in a negative feedback cycle of revisiting painful experiences in order to validate his emotions., While it's important for him to process, his emotions from the past, devoting too much attention to the past rather than moving forward and living his life can be suffocating., Libra Man’s weaknesses in love, final thoughts…, The, weaknesses of a Libra Man in love.


He is indecisive.

He is a perfectionist.

He is narcissistic.

He is short-tempered.

He is vindictive.


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Libra in Love and Relationships | Biggest Weaknesses? ›

Libras think about any situation too much. They take so much of their partner's time weighing the pros and cons that they can never arrive at a decision fast. They seem to hesitate while making decisions because this sign cares about balance in everything a lot; which in turn can annoy their partners.

What is a Libras biggest weakness? ›

Libras Key Weaknesses

Libras want to avoid conflict at any cost, which means they put themselves last most of the time. Their self-sacrificing nature can be great for their loved ones but often leave Libras feeling burnt out and unappreciated. That toxic positivity can take a major toll on their self-confidence.

Why do Libras struggle with relationships? ›

Why can Libras be so hard to date? Libra tends to be a big flirt, and it may take some time before they decide to commit to just one person. They could have several people that they're talking to at once, so it might be difficult to read how a Libra really feels about you.

What are Libra cons in a relationship? ›

Cons: They hate conflict, so rather than break up with you face-to-face, they'll just ghost you and you'll never know what set them off. Libras will also sometimes tease you well past the time it gets annoying.

Do Libras struggle with love? ›

According to Lang, "Libra has a reputation for falling in love easily, but when it comes to commitment, they take their time." While this may make Libras seem aloof at first, once they are comfortable, Libras are open, affectionate, and romantic.

What is a Libra most afraid of? ›

Libra. Libra's deepest fear is being left alone with no one to play with. Libras dread loneliness (more importantly, not having a partner in crime, someone to flirt with, or date on the weekends), causing them to constantly partner with others — even if they aren't the best romantic match for them.

What disappoints a Libra? ›

Libras hold the burden of always doing the right thing. Even if they have trouble recognising the right decision, they will try their best to do. If you portray signs of poor decision-making without displaying any efforts, then the sign of the scales is going to be utterly disappointed.

Why do Libras fall out of love easily? ›

Libra can fall in and out of love in a very short time. Sometimes, even in the same week! That's because Libras crave for fantasy and not the reality of things. The minute their passionate feelings leave, they start to think that their love is over and they get anxious about it and move on.

How do Libras react to heartbreak? ›

Librans are great at handling heartbreaks. Although, they feel pain and are disappointed at their situation, their charm and their ability to maintain a peace of mind gets them to move on and find someone who can heal their broken heart.

How do Libras react to breakups? ›

Whereas, a heartbroken Libra gets immensely and deeply sad and needs immediate self-care. When a breakup happens with a libra partner, it's their character and love that speaks volumes and leaves a striking remark. Libras, even if upset, will not show it in open and would try to deal with their feeling on their own.

Do Libras have commitment issues? ›

Librans are sentimental, but they can also think logically when necessary. They may be indecisive, indulgent, and lack commitment. They do, however, have several positive characteristics that can help them work on their flaws in a relationship.

Do Libras spoil their partners? ›

Libras go out of their way to spoil their partner

And despite their reputation of being more practical than impulsive, Libras love to play the role of the hopeless romantic. As astrologer Liz Greene explains it in her book "Astrology for Lovers," Libra has a reputation for extravagance and they earn it.

What is a Libras love language? ›

As an air sign, Libras show their innermost feelings through kind words and romantic sentiments that will make everyone's heart flutter with delight. Expect sweet love letters, roses, breakfast in bed and daily romantic texts that will sweep you off your feet when being charmed by a Libra.

How do Libras act when they love you? ›

A Libra man is deeply in love with you when he goes out of his way to do things for you. Their simple actions can have a lot of impacts. When Libra men have an interest in someone, they will put a lot of effort to make them feel extra special.

What happens when Libra loves you? ›

If he is on his best behaviour in your presence, he is falling for you. Once he has decided, he is into you, he won't pay attention to advances from other women. He will be direct in his expression of love for you. And the sweetest sign – his face will light up with his charming smile each time he sees you.

Are Libras needy in a relationship? ›

Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, explains that Libras can be perceived as clingy because they "define themselves through a partner." She adds that for Libras, "having a partner is vital," which means they'll do anything they can to keep them—even if the relationship is over.

What annoys a Libra? ›

Things that make Libra angry

You get hostile when you feel someone is going after something that belongs to you. You get annoyed when people don't give straight answers.

What signs does Libra dislike? ›

Libra (September 23–October 22)

Libras can get along with most signs, but their worst match would probably be Virgo. Libras are flighty and fickle, and that's one thing Virgos can't tolerate. It may look fun at first, but Libras waste a lot of time, and Virgo is about efficiency.

What do Libras get mad at? ›

Libras are angered by seeing injustice of any kind happening, whether to themselves, those close or even complete strangers. Libras are so in love with peace that they're almost all the time keeping their anger in line.

What makes a Libra happy? ›

Take your Libra on a beauty-filled adventure to the Redwoods, the beach, to an art museum, etc. Bring your Libra flowers, or prepare a lovely meal for them. You should also be aware that because Libras love beauty, they also love looking their best.

How do Libras act around their crush? ›

Love is a priority for libra, and it will show when they finally find someone worthy. Libras will drop every other responsibility just because their crush wants to hang out with them. They will make sure that their crush knows and feels special around them.

Are Libras loyal in relationships? ›

Their need to have everything together makes them the perfect person to offer others perspective, and if you're wondering, “Are Libras loyal?,” the answer is definitely a resounding yes. Libra may be a bit indecisive at times, but one thing a Libra is sure about is that they love love.

Do Libras like to be obsessed over? ›

Libras need the attention they receive from others to fulfil in their lives. The customary fixation of the Libra, nevertheless, doesn't truly last. However, if something allures them too much, they occasionally act as of the most obsessive zodiac signs on the list.

How do Libras like to make love? ›

Numerologist Sidhharrth S Kumaar shares, “Librans have so much in store for their partners in bed. They like to surprise their lovers with distinct moves and tease them through the process making it more erotic. They do not like to rush and hence often indulge in foreplay before the actual act.”

Who do Libras usually marry? ›

Libra and romance go hand in hand and often prove to be the most perfect match. Ruled by the planet Venus, sensual can be the best term to describe a Libra woman. In terms of your love compatibility with other zodiacs, your ideal love match could be with an Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini and Taurus male.

Do Libras stalk their ex? ›

Libras took out second place, with 71 per cent saying they stalked their ex's on social media and 78 per cent admitting they missed their ex.

How do Libras express anger? ›

Libras are peacekeepers by nature and are way more likely to get really, really sad before they get angry. When something does send them over the edge—usually via some form of rudeness or injustice—Libras can surprise even themselves with the outburst that ensues.

Who does Libra regret breaking up with? ›

Geminis love Libran's charm and Librans appreciate Gemini's intelligence. But it seems to be a bit unbalanced in the bonding for Librans which may lead to a breakup. But after all, they will regret it since they enjoy with Geminis.

Will a Libra go back to her ex? ›

Libra. Libras are strong proponents of forgiving others. They don't blame anyone for making errors and think that individuals can change. They also presume that everything depends on time, so if they run into an ex again, they could decide to give the relationship another go.

What happens when Libras cry? ›

Libra is an interesting case because their tears aren't flowing from a genuine place of sadness. As the sign obsessed with balance and keeping everyone around them happy, "they can adjust their emotional reactions to the expectations of others," notes Alta.

Do Libras need constant attention? ›

Libras are upfront about their need for attention, and it is not something they pretend they don't want.

What makes a Libra emotional? ›

Librans wear their emotions on sleeves, but at times they can easily detach themselves. They are known for being emotionally available only when it's necessary, and at other times, you might think they have a heart of a stone. If a person doesn't evoke emotions in them, they easily get distant.

How do Libras deal with stress? ›

Libras spend a lot of their time and energy trying to create harmony between people and harmony in their own lives. If their work/life balance gets out of control, the best thing for a Libra to do is indulge in their favorite things. “Read a good book,” Perepyolkina says.

What is the love life of Libra? ›

Libras are deeply and unconditionally in love with love. They are either in love or craving for love. When a Libra is in love, they are deeply and genuinely in it. They will give their partner all the love, care and affection.

Do Libras say I love you? ›

Libra (Sept.

Libra would say "I love you" to a floor lamp if it were capable of providing them with the emotional support they seek in relationships. That's not to say that the sentiment isn't special when expressed by a Libra, just that "I love you" doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is a binding contract.

What are Libras attracted to physically? ›

Libra men are attracted to attractive, graceful women with balanced physiques. They also prefer voluptuous, feminine women, but Libras may discover beauty anywhere! They will not date exclusively one body type.

How do Libras like to kiss? ›

Expect sweet, gentle kisses that feel totally romantic from a Libra — no wet, sloppy, tongue overload. If you want to feel like a Disney princess with a happily ever after, a Libra will do the trick.

Do Libras love texting? ›

Libra: Light and Sweet

Libra's have a lot of texting anxiety. That's why texting with them has to be even on all sides. A Libra won't text you back if they see that a conversation is too one sided on their side, whether that's in length or number.

Do Libras get jealous easily? ›

Librans are highly manipulated especially in matters of heart. When they are jealous, it is not because they are really jealous, but they feel it is what you want them to be. Therefore, they act as though they are jealous to make you feel special.

How long does it take for a Libra to say I love you? ›

Your Libran man will either profess his love for you in a week or will take forever. He will try all tactics to make you fall in love with him but it will take him a lot of time to figure out his feelings for you. He will shower you with gifts and compliments to make you feel good.

How do you make a Libra love you more? ›

Have patience and be their friend, but let them know you're interested in more. Libra fears rejection and can be indecisive but likes to make the first move. So, plan on practicing a lot of patience, and when a Libra falls in love with you, they'll love you all the more.

What does Libra want in a partner? ›

A Libra man is attracted to a mate who complements him in every way, including aesthetically. In other words, you have to look good together. He values women who are well put together, healthy, sophisticated, bright, socially curious, and fair-minded. Above all, honesty will win his heart.

What are the struggles of a Libra? ›

Troublemakers. Librans can lose their cool, separate people, and create conflict (bad), often in order to sharpen their skills in diplomacy (good). As a result, they may find themselves surrounded by conflict, often of their own making (bad).

What problems do Libras have? ›

Association: kidneys, adrenal glands, skin

Poor Librans are plagued by digestive problems and normally have either diarrhea or constipation. Take it easy on rich foods and treats that may not be so gentle on your stomach, Librans. And because your skin is sensitive, stay hydrated and moisturized.

Is Libra strong or weak? ›

Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius are mentally very strong. They know how to react to emotions without showing their sensitive and vulnerable side to people.

What happens when a Libra is heartbroken? ›

Librans are great at handling heartbreaks. Although, they feel pain and are disappointed at their situation, their charm and their ability to maintain a peace of mind gets them to move on and find someone who can heal their broken heart.

How do Libras handle problems? ›

If Libra is faced with conflict, they will often turn conciliatory, preferring to find a compromise rather than stand their ground and deal with the discomfort. Libra wants the dissonance to dissolve as quickly as possible without hurting any feelings.

What are Libras attracted to? ›

They are attracted by intelligence, so interesting conversations will definitely help to keep their interest. However, it is also important to note that Libras do fall in love hard and fast but can lose interest just as quickly. Thus, you will have to find ways to keep the spark in your relationship going.

Do Libras get jealous? ›

If you are intent on finding love, Libran partners have the reputation of being the most charming and easy-going of all the zodiac signs. But as anyone who has dated Libras will know, they can also be very jealous and possessive.

What does Libra rule in the body? ›

Kidneys, Lower Back, Butt And Skin

In astrology, Libra rules the kidneys and lower back, which explains why they might carry additional stress in this region of the body. They also rule over the butt and the skin; two areas of the body that are associated with beauty and attraction!

What do Libras do when stressed? ›

Libra can see all the sides in a situation, and becoming stressed leaves you unwilling to make a decision as you can also see the loss involved. For an air sign, there may be too much discussion and not enough action. Focus on the best-case scenario and get moving on dealing with the challenge.

What is the anger issue of Libra? ›

Libras are sweet; however, their anger issues arise when they see something wrong happening. They have zero tolerance for injustice and for them, their moral values are above anything. They have high self-respect and they can go to any heights in order to save it.

How well can a Libra fight? ›

Libra. You can defeat a Libra in an argument by understanding that they have no strong desire to argue. Libra is ruled by Venus, which means that when they're arguing, it's because they truly wish that people were getting along. There's not much you need to do with a Libra other than reason with them.

Can Libra read minds? ›

Libra natives often pick up on things that others miss, and you have an uncanny ability to read a person's thoughts and intentions even before a word is said.

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